Interns choose to do their 6-month internship at Megusta, we wanted to give a little spotlight for their commitment ;)



             Tell me about your first visit to Megusta. What year was it?
The first time I visited Megusta was in 2017, I was really interested in the Comme des Garçon play clothing and shoes. On the internet I saw a lot of cool items so out of curiosity i came to visit Megusta to check it out. When i came in, my first impression was like "Wow they really have all the exclusive brands i could never find in any other stores". So since then I was really interested in Megusta and I started checking the website and Instagram to see the new brands and the things that are going on.
Students need to apply and need to go through the same procedure as any other new team member would
What made you decide to do your internship at Megusta? 
My education is International business management. So I learn about the basics of international business. However I really just love to learn more about fashion and creative processes inside the business for my internship. I already know Megusta for some years now and of course all the collections but the creative presentation of the products are really the most of all things I would like to know more about. So I thought I will just send an email requesting for an internship and see what would happen. Luckily I got invited and after a good conversation with Eugene I’m here now ;) 
What formed your sense of style? Do you have a role model you look up to?
My sense for style started with hip hop music and streetwear since I was real young. I liked to wear Jordan's and big hoodies with snapbacks when I was 10 years old. I was always searching for my style and being different from the other children in my class. Later when I got older I started to look more on Instagram and online for clothes, different styles and brands. My style now is a mix between some streetwear elements, some formal elements and some punk with a lot of black and white and silver jewellery. Nowadays my inspiration comes a lot from asian fashion like oldskool Bape and Billionairs boysclub but I also really like Raf Simons, Misbhv, Acne studios, Ader Error and Alyx. I don't have one specific role model but I look up to Icykof, Iann Connor, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Lil Tracy and some smaller fashion Instagram accounts.
Other than your own projects what do you expect to learn more?  
I expect to learn more about: visual merchandising, the management tasks for a store, international rules for import and export. I would also really like to learn more about the brands that they sell and about the high fashion industry.
What brand that we carry do you like the most? And why? 
The brand I like the most that Megusta carries is Ader Error I really like the over-sizing and the vintage vibe with a new twist. I can tell they are very creative with their designs because they use vintage elements like a old gaming console or The Warner Brothers logo and more details like that. I really love their feeling for those elements, which makes it all a bit more playful.
Magazine : Hunter
What is the reason of your early leave every wednesday? ;)
Because I have a meeting every wednesday with my mom, my brother and grandma to eat some delicious Indonesian food that my grandmother cooks for us ;)
Me : You need to bring a doggy-bag for us next time, I’m telling you! ;)


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