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ASCENDING : 9th Dimension with ACNE STUDIOS Ethereal Suiting and Portal Proof Shades

  • – a fusion of contemporary style and functionality. With its sleek design and lustrous finish, this bag effortlessly complements your look while accommodating your essentials. Elevate your daily ensemble with this sophisticated accessory that seamlessly marries fashion and practicality.

Archived Activities

Jean Paul Gaultier x KNWLS: A Fusion of Fashion Excellence
Jean Paul Gaultier x KNWLS. These two fashion powerhouses have joined forces to create a collection that is both daring and elegant, reflecting the unique visions of their respective creators.
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The Enigmatic World of Maison Mihara Yasuhiro
At Megusta, we’re thrilled to unveil an electrifying addition to our roster that’s bound to stir your senses and redefine your fashion aspirations. Say ‘hi’ to Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, a name that does not need introduction to those who crave the extraordinary in their wardrobe.
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Redefining Luxury: The Entire Studios Revolution in Fashion at Megusta
Entire Studios, founded by Dylan Richards and Sebastian Hunt in 2020, is a creative studio based in Los Angeles that is making waves in the fashion industry. With a fresh and innovative approach, Entire Studios is redefining the concept of luxury through their unique blend of quality, affordability, functionality, and design.
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J.W. Anderson: Redefining Fashion with Innovation and Fluidity
J.W. Anderson, the visionary designer, has revolutionized the fashion industry, creating progressive and boundary-breaking aesthetics. Blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity, Anderson's creations challenge conventional norms and thereby redefine the concept of fashion. Let’s take a look on how Anderson’s key elements captivate fashion enthusiast worldwide.
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Denim takes a center stage as an on going trend!
In the late 17th century, skilled weavers in Genoa, Italy, were united to
create a new fabric that would soon revolutionize the fashion world.
Through expertise, they created the durable and sturdy twill-woven
“Serge de Nîmes”, later known as denim.
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