We hung out and spoke with Dutch rapper Mennoboomin at the notorious record store PLATO whilst shooting our newest store arrivals.

Our S/S20 collection is drippin’ in and we took Dutch rapper Mennoboomin out for a shoot to highlight some of this season’s must-have pieces. PLATO Utrecht was our destination as we were a 100% sure Menno would be in his element there. The record store is Utrecht’s most renowned spot to get your hands on both niche and popular music on vinyl. Not sure what you are looking for, or just in the mood for something new? Make sure to ask the staff at Plato as they have a broad and well-rooted music knowledge.




We mixed Off-White with the likes of Pleasures, 032c, Y-3, Rick Owens and sprinkled in some luxury Lanvin for you as well. Take a look at our latest shoot and do not miss out the latest Megusta exclusive Pleasures shirt giving a shout-out to the city of Utrecht on its back!





Megusta / MG: Hi Menno, could you introduce yourself for the people who might not know who you are and what you do?


Mennoboomin / MB: Hi, I am Menno Hinssen aka Mennoboomin. I am a rapper from Holland and part of the ANBU GANG. You might have seen me on one of your favorite summer festivals and asked yourself; who is this? Well, it is I. You can also know me from the clothing brand ANBU (A Nation By Us). You could also know me from the songs; Barkie op Zak, Aan de Lijn, Nachtleven. Our store is closed at the moment due Covid-19, but after that, you can spot me there!


Menno wears: Pleasures exclusive Europe Shirt, Rick Owens drawstring & Lanvin Bumper sneakers

MG: We want to get to know you a bit more as well, so we have some random picked questions for you to answer:

-    Best place for food in Utrecht?


MB: My favorite food place in Utrecht is definitely Anan. This street food restaurant has everything that is want from a food place. The food is amazing, and I love the place. It's like you're on a little holiday.


-    Favorite place for a holiday?


MB: I am not really a holiday lover actually. but if I had to choose the perfect holiday, I would definitely pick the city life. I have been to New York and I loved the mindset of the people. I also went to Ibiza a couple times, just to relax for like a week. And obviously the party life.

-    Dream collaboration?


MB: If I could pick anyone in the world, I think if have to go with Young Thug or make a monster hit with Drake.



Menno wears: Pleasures exclusive Europe ShirtRick Owens drawstring

MG: So we have seen you sporting lots of Megusta merchandise and brands that we offer, what is your favorite Megusta item you own? And secondly, which Megusta is on your wishlist?


MB: My favorite Megusta item is definitely my pair of Margiela future sneakers. But if you would ask me what is on my wishlist? I would say that don't do wishlists. I really just go to the store and buy things that I like at that moment. And if something is in my mind, I need to get it as quick as possible. We make money to spend it right?


Menno wears: 032c intarsia logo pullover & 032c straight fitted pants


Menno wears: 032c Work Shop t-shirt


Menno wears: 032c rib top, 032c straight fitted pants, 032c my life rules socks & Off-White sliders


MG: Because of the coronavirus life is taking an unexpected turn, how have you been spending your days lately?


MB: These days I have mainly been spending my time in the studio, at home or with the ANBU GANG. Since the weather is so nice I am also relaxing in my garden and taking my motorbike out to drive around.


Menno wears: 032c rib top, 032c straight fitted pants, 032c my life rules socks & Off-White sliders


Menno wears: 032c rib top & 032c straight fitted pants



Menno wears: Lanvin Babar shirt, Rick Owens drawstring & Lanvin Bumper sneakers


Menno wears: Lanvin polo, Y-3 straight pants & Off-White ODSY-1000 sneakers


Menno wears: Lanvin polo


MG: Thank you for your time Menno, keep safe and see you soon!








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